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A New Morning Obsession

 A New Morning Obsession 

In need of a straight caffeine IV drip to make it through the day? We feel you. This smoothie recipe combines coffee, superfoods and Broad Spectrum CBD, which should give you an extra hit of energy and a mood boost to get you through your afternoon (zoom) meetings. 

This superfood coffee smoothie includes nutrient-dense ingredients that are nourishing and add great flavors. Your sweet tooth will be thanking you. 

Barker Wellness Rise Snap Packet: this single serve tincture  includes a coffee arabica seed oil, which acts as a  natural source of energy. It also contains Broad Spectrum and CBG which may benefit your overall wellness.

Cocoa: not to be confused with chocolate, which is diluted with sugar and processed ingredients, this raw superfood adds a delicious sweet flavor and may improve brain functioning.

Banana: not only does banana flavor go well with the rich ingredients in this smoothie but bananas have soluble fiber which may help regulate your appetite and keep you full for longer. Use fresh or frozen bananas for a thicker smoothie. 

Maca Root: this nutty, caramel flavored root powder may boost athletic performance and energy, and can also increase your libido (if you’re in the market.) 

Flax Milk: while you can incorporate any dairy free milk, flax milk has the added benefit of containing omega 3’s, and may help fight inflammation and improve bone and joint health.  

Hemp Seeds: these tiny seeds pack a mean punch, acting as a complete protein source. They include all nine essential amino acids, which may help build muscle and regulate your immune functioning - and they add a great crunch and texture.  

With the combination of Barker Wellness Rise Tincture, coffee, and powerhouse superfoods - you’ll be buzzing for all the right reasons. 

Here’s how you make it:


Barker Wellness Rise Snap Packet 

1 medium banana 

1 cup Flax Mylk 

⅓ cup Coffee/coffee concentrate or 2 shots cooled espresso  

½ tbsp Maca 

½ tbsp Cocoa 

Handful of ice 

1 tbsp Hemp seeds 

Blend all the ingredients in a high speed blender and top with hemp seeds.