Potency Analysis

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Barker Wellness Co is committed to sharing all testing results performed on our products. To do so, we've provided our Certificate's of Analysis (COAs) for each batch produced per product type. The COAs contain detailed product information, including the potency of the primary active ingredients. The COAs also verify that THC has been removed and that products are free of all metals and pesticides.

Select a product below to view COAs and associated product information.


Maintenance Tincture

BW Maintenance Tincture BR-K0010

BW Maintenance Tincture 11-0122-B

Recovery Tincture

BW Recovery Tincture BK-K0020

BW Recovery Tincture 11-01222-B

Sleep Tincture

BW Sleep Tincture BR-K0040

BW Sleep Tincture 11-0121-E

Organic Maintenance Tincture
BW Organic Maintenance Tincture 11-0121-K
Organic Recovery Tincture
BW Organic Recovery Tincture 11-0221-K
Organic Sleep Tincture
BW Organic Sleep Tincture 11-0321-K

Pet Tinctures

Pet Tincture - Tuna, 250mg
BW Pet Tincture 250mg Tuna 11-0421-D
Pet Tincture - Tuna, 500mg
BW Pet Tincture 500mg Tuna 11-0621-D
Pet Tincture - Beef, 250mg
BW Pet Tincture 250mg Beef 11-0521-D
Pet Tincture - Beef, 500mg
BW Pet Tincture 500mg Beef 11-0721-D
Pet Tincture - Bacon, 250mg

BW Pet Tincture 250mg Bacon 11-0521-K

Pet Tincture - Bacon, 500mg
BW Pet Tincture 500mg Bacon 11-0521-K

Snap Packets

Rise Snap Packet

BW Rise Snap Packet BR-K0050

Recovery Snap Packet
BW Recovery Snap Packet 11-0321-D
Sleep Snap Packet
BW Sleep Snap Packet BR-K0040

BW Sleep Snap Packet 11-0322-B

Muscle Therapy

CBD & CBC Muscle Therapy Cream 1000mg

BW CBD & CBC Muscle Therapy Cream 1000mg BR-B0021

CBD & CBC Muscle Therapy Cream 400mg

BW CBD & CBC Muscle Therapy Cream 400mg 11-0821-K

CBD & CBC Muscle Therapy Balm 1000mg

BW CBD & CBC Muscle Therapy Balm 1000mg 11-0121-I

CBD & CBC Muscle Therapy Balm 400mg

BW CBD & CBC Muscle Therapy Balm 400mg 11-0721-K

Bath Soak


Organic Gummies

Organic Recovery Gummies

BW Organic Recovery Gummies 11-0222-F

BW Organic Recovery Gummies 1922448

Organic Sleep Gummies

BW Organic Sleep Gummies 11-0322-F

BW Organic Sleep Gummies 1922449

Organic Maintenance Gummies

BW Organic Maintenance Gummies 11-0122-F

BW Organic Maintenance Gummies 1922450

Skin Care

Daily Moisturizer

Barker Wellness Daily Moisturizer 2209EXL0998.2962

2-in-1 Face Mask

Barker Wellness 2-in-1 Face Mask 2209EXL0998.2961

Renewal Balm

Barker Wellness Renewal Balm 2209EXL0998.2963

Eye Serum

Barker Wellness Eye Serum 2209EXL0998.2960

Face Serum

Barker Wellness Face Serum 2209EXL0998.2964