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formula yet.

Start getting healthy rewards for what you are already doing. Earn points from every purchase, every share on our social channels, and for just being born.

Use those points to buy products, get discounts, and have early access to some big things we have planned this year. Sign up via email and log in to track and redeem points. It's that simple.

Ways to Earn Rewards

For every $1 spent,
earn 5 points

Earn points on
your Birthday

Share and Like on
our social channels

Share $10,
Get $10

Over 1,000+ People
are taking advantage, you should to!

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How do I redeem my points?

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Step 01

You will need to log into the Rewards panel.

Step 02

Once you are logged in, you need to open the rewards panel. Next, click on Ways to Redeem.

Step 03

If you have enough points for one of the amount rewards, there will be a Redeem button with some coupons.

Step 04

After clicking redeem, a code and a button to apply the code will appear. This code will automatically be applied to your checkout.