Barker Wellness Co is committed to sharing all testing results performed on our products. To do so, we've provided our Certificate's of Analysis (COAs) for each batch produced per product type. The COAs contain detailed product information, including the potency of the primary active ingredients. The COAs also verify that THC has been completely removed and that products are free of all metals and pesticides.

Select a product below to view COAs and associated product information.

Maintenance Tincture
Recovery Tincture
Sleep Tincture
Organic Maintenance Tincture
Organic Recovery Tincture
Organic Sleep Tincture
Sleep Snap Packet
Rise Snap Packet
Recovery Snap Packet
Pain Relief Cream - 1000mg
Pain Relief Cream - 400mg
Pain Relief Balm - 1000mg
Pain Relief Balm - 400mg
Pet Tincture - Tuna - 500mg
Pet Tincture - Tuna - 250mg
Pet Tincture - Bacon - 500mg
Pet Tincture - Bacon - 250mg
Pet Tincture - Beef - 500mg
Pet Tincture - Beef - 250mg